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JARIDE. Go anywhere. Anytime.

Whenever the need arises to be somewhere, you now have access to on-demand transportation at your fingertips. Just download the app sign up and get on the move. Whether you are a tourist or a local, when you need transportation let JARIDE take you where you need to be.


A few taps of your finger and a car comes directly to you. Get inside and the driver knows exactly where to go. Transportation has never been easier.


Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, whenever you are ready you can count on JARIDE – no reservations required.


We have the right vehicle for you. Economy for every day, Luxury for special occasions, and extra seats for when you need room.


Rate every drive experience and provide anonymous feedback about your trip. Your reviews helps JARIDE make every ride a 5-star experience.

JARIDE powered by RYDEUM

JARIDE powered by the RYDEUM Network puts transportation at your fingertips. No more waiting in line for a taxi. No more hailing or calling for a ride. With JARIDE you have the most powerful transportation network at your fingertips. Download the App and enjoy “JA RIDE” of your life.


Tell JARIDE where you are, where you want to go, and when you want to go. It does the rest.


Find the car that is right. Tell JARIDE whether you want a standard, luxury, or extra seats in your ride.


Know where your driver is. Track your driver live, view ETA in real time, and share with others.


Use JARIDE wallet for seamless payments. Use a credit card, debit card or even crypto-currency to pay.


Leave a review. Report what went wrong or what was right so users know truth about their driver.


See your history. Look back at our trips and group them by daily, weekly, or by year to date.


Complete compatibility

Whether you are an Apple guru or an Android Lover, we have you covered. JARIDE is compatible with any smart phone that runs IOS or Android. Just download the app and no matter what device you have JARIDE connects you with dozens of drivers to take you where you need to be.

Latest technology is used to ensure efficiency and speed when you use your device
Your data is safe. We use the latest encryption to protect your information.

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They talk about JARIDE Technology

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    In fact, a desire for immediate gratification and efficiency is ingrained in human nature.Before Uber, Facetime and Amazon Prime—between 1438AD and 1532AD, to be exact—the Inca Civilization of South America had its own answer to the need for haste in...

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    The past couple decades have given life to a full-fledged movement. Everyone remembers the glory days of AOL Instant Messenger, allowing for instantaneous communication online— In 100 years, economists and historians will look back on the late 1990s and early...

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